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Restrict access to MYOB Practice (MYOB AE/AO users only)

This information only applies if you have MYOB Practice and MYOB AE/AO.

Before you start setting up MYOB Practice, you may want to restrict access for certain employee security groups within your practice or to specific databases.

One way of doing this is to restrict access to the cloud icon on the toolbar of your desktop MYOB AE or MYOB AO. You can only restrict access before you've clicked the cloud icon on the toolbar of your desktop MYOB AE or MYOB AO for the first time.

For other types of access restriction options, see Giving staff access to MYOB Practice.

Restrict an employee's access to MYOB Practice


The following instructions can also be used to enable access for an employee who doesn't have permission to access MYOB Practice from your desktop toolbar.

You'll need to be an administrator/superuser on your desktop MYOB AE or an administrator on your desktop MYOB AO to change security task permissions.

  1. Log in to the MYOB AE or MYOB AO database for which you want to restrict access to the cloud icon.

  2. Select Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Security > Task Permissions. The Maintenance - Task Permissions page opens.

  3. Select Central from the Product drop-down.

  4. Select the Group (security group) from the drop-down for which you want restricted access.
    The Group Descriptions assigned to the Group are listed in the panel.

  5. Expand the Maintenance Group Description to show the available task permissions.

  6. Clear the checkbox in the Allow column for the task permission #Maintenance#Set up Online Data.

  7. Click OK.
    Your changes are saved and the Maintenance - Task Permissions page closes.
    The cloud icon will still display on your toolbar, but if selected, won't allow access to MYOB Practice beyond the Terms of Use.