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Share a document

You can share a document you’ve previously sent or received with another client portal user, or someone who isn’t a user (known as contributors). For instance, you may want to share a financial statement with a client’s bank.

When you share a document with a contributor, they can only see that document. Any tasks linked to the document aren’t shared with contributors.

To share a document

You can share a document only when you're in the single client view. You'll not see Publish to Portal in All clients view.

  1. In MYOB Practice, go to the client and click Documents in the top menu bar.

  2. Select the document you want to share and click Publish to Portal.

  3. In the Publish to portal window, make sure:

    1. Signature required is deselected.

    2. Notify people is selected.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Click Add other contributors > Add contributor.

  6. In the search box:

    • search for and select a name

    • if the user isn't already in the list, click Add new and complete the details.

  7. Enter a subject and message, and click Publish and notify.
    Any users and contributors that you have selected to share the document with will receive a notification by email.

See also the help about unsharing a document.