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Setting up documents profiling within MYOB Practice

The MYOB Practice Administrator needs to configure a few settings to give your practice access to some features in documents within MYOB Practice.

Configure your practice settings so you can choose the options when uploading or editing documents. This will also help with finding the documents quickly when you need them.

There are 3 settings you need to do in the Document Profiles

  • Service settings: Define service categories that your practice will use to organise documents based on what sort of job it falls under.

  • Period settings: Add the periods the practice works within. For example, Q1, Q2, Q3 or Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.

  • Document type settings: These are like labels for your documents. Add the options for what type of document your practice might need to search for. You can add, for example, Corporate, with Deeds & Constitution as subtypes.