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Check the signature on a document

After a document you have sent has been digitally approved, you can validate the signature and the signed content.

The footer of the approved document contains the names of those who have
digitally signed the document and the time and date of the signatures.

It may take a few moments for the documents to be digitally signed.

Check the signature of a signed document

  1. In MYOB Practice, click Documents in the top menu bar.

  2. Open the document you want to view. The document may open in your browser or
    you may need to download the document to view it in your PDF viewer.

  3. Go to the footer of the document to see all users who have digitally signed the document as well as a date/time stamp.

If you open the document in a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader, you can also verify the signatures added to the document. Refer to your PDF viewer’s help for instructions on how to get more information about the signatures in a document.

About digital signatures

A digital (or electronic) signature is an alternative way to formally and legally sign a document, and is covered by

In addition, MYOB has explicitly sought approval from government bodies
that our clients deal with (ASIC, ATO and IRD) to ensure that we don't
have any issues with the acceptance of our digital signatures by these
industry bodies. For more information, see Do ASIC accept digital signatures?