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Grouping families, clients and companies

If you use MYOB AE/AO, your family groups will be visible under the client's name in MYOB Practice. This is view-only access and any changes need to be made in AE/AO. Learn more about Family groups in AE/AO.

Groups can be used to consolidate together related clients and contacts. Groups are a label that you add to the contacts and clients who are associated with each other. By adding contacts to a group, you can access their information quickly without having to search every time.

Groups may consist of individuals, companies, trusts and other organisations. For example, you could create the group for:

  • Retail stores for Sunny Clothing Pty LtdLittle Bird Bakery Ltd and Phones 4 U Ltd.

  • Smith Group for Mrs. Smith, Mr. Smith, Smiths Chip company, Smith Superannuation and the Smith Family Trust.

  • Farming clients for Three little pigs LtdMary's Lambs Ltd and Jack and Jill's Crop Partnership.