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Client settings

Tax settings for Australia

Assigning an agent

For each client, you can assign two types of agents:

  • a tax agent, who will work on tax returns

  • a BAS agent, who will work on activity statements.

Then, when you create a tax return or activity statement for that client, the assigned agent is automatically selected.

To be able to assign an agent, you first need to create an agent in MYOB Practice. Otherwise, you'll see this message in the BAS agent details section:

Click Create a BAS or tax agent first to go to the ATO agent settings page. There, you'll be able to create a tax agent or a BAS agent.

To assign a tax agent or a BAS agent

  1. Depending on which type of agent you want to assign, click Edit details to the right of Tax agent details or BAS agent details.

  2. Select an agent from the drop-down.

  3. Click Save.