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Viewing a task

When you select a task from your Tasks list, the details will appear on the right-hand side.

Task list details

The task details panel includes:

The task name

The name of the task that was created by your advisor.

Due date

The date your advisor wants you to complete this task by.

Who's assigned the task

If the task is an approval task, i.e., one that requires a digital signature, then the initials, of those who have been assigned to approve the documents attached to the task, are listed.


If your advisor has added a message when they created the task, it will be displayed here.

Attached documents

A list of the documents that are included in the task. Any documents requiring approval are identified with a Signature icon (a pencil).

When you open a document that needs a signature, a Viewed icon (an eye) appears next to the document. The icon only appears for you, not your accountant.

You need to view documents that require a signature before you can approve or reject them, so this makes it easier to know which documents you've already viewed, and which documents you still need to review before you can action the task.

You can open a document from here by clicking it. Depending on your browser setup, it'll get downloaded or open in your PDF viewer or in another browser tab.

Reject or Approve buttons

Click the Reject or Approve buttons to either reject or digitally approve documents associated with the task. These buttons are only available for tasks that require the approval of documents. See Approving a document for more information.

Show all activity

Toggle the Show all activity checkbox to show and hide the task information and task activity.

Task information

Below the Reject and Approve buttons are details about the task itself – the date it was created, when it's due to be completed, its status and the task code.

Task activity

All the actions associated with the task – comments made either by you, your advisor or others associated with the task are listed here in chronological order, including the original task message. Any files that have been attached as part of the comment are also listed and can be viewed. This is a history of all the task activity.

Add comments

At the end of the task's details is a Comment text box where you can enter a comment, or ask your advisor questions regarding the task. See Leaving comments about a task for more information.