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Upgrade an AccountRight classic file

If a client is using a classic version of AccountRight (such as MYOB AccountRight Plus v19 or Premier v19), you can upgrade the file to the new AccountRight or move to MYOB Essentials.

Some features available in older version are not yet available in the new AccountRight or Essentials. We don’t recommend upgrading if your clients use:

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    M-Powered Payments

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    add-ons that use ODBC, but aren't available for the new AccountRight.

How to upgrade a file 

To upgrade a file you'll need access to the AccountRight company file. If you don't have the file, you can ask your client to upload a copy of the file for you. The procedures below step you through both options.

You can add several desktop files at once by importing a CSV file that contains their serial numbers. See Add more than one desktop file at once for information on how to use CSV files.

If your upgrade fails...

The status of the file in the Desktop files page will show as Failed and the MYOB Support team will contact you to explain how to fix the issue and resubmit the file.

After the issues have been fixed, click next to the file and select Resubmit file. Select Upload now or Request from client and then continue as with your original upload.