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Viewing invoices

The Invoices page (Sales menu > Invoices) lists all of the invoices you’ve entered into MYOB. In the top-right corner of the screen you'll see a snapshot of total value of your invoices, the balance due and how much is overdue.

Details of each invoice are shown, including invoice number, customer and amount due.

To find an invoice, use the filters across the top of the page.

Invoices page showing filter options


Invoice status and activity

The Status column indicates the payment status of the invoice. The Activity column indicates whether the invoice has been successfully emailed.


  • Closed — for invoices that have been paid in full

  • Open (grey) — for invoices that haven't been paid and not yet overdue

  • Open (pink) — for invoices that haven't been paid and are overdue

  • Credit — for all customer returns and credits

  • Overdue — for invoices that are past their due date


  • Sending — the invoice email has been sent, but confirmation that it was sent successfully hasn’t been received yet

  • Emailed — the invoice email was sent successfully

  • Viewed — the online invoice has been viewed

  • Delivery failed — the invoice email was not sent. It was either rejected, or the email address is invalid (incorrect or doesn’t exist)

  • E-Invoice sent — this indicates you've sent an eInvoice. eInvoices may also show a status reflecting how the customer has responded to it — see eInvoicing.

View a customer's details

Click a customer's name to open their contact record on a new browser tab.