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Sales Register window

The Sales Register is accessible from the Sales command centre. This window lists all your sales transactions for one or all customers and date range.

Sales register window with several sales listed on the All Sales tab

Here's what you can do in the sales register:

  • View open and closed invoices, quotes, orders and returns and credits – Click the applicable tab based on what you're looking for, then use the search filters. Learn about Finding a transaction

  • Print the sales currently displayed in the sales register – Click the applicable tab and filter the list as required, then click Print to display the Sales Register Detail report. Now print or export the report as required. Learn about Sales reports

  • Delete a sale – Open the sale then go to the Edit menu and choose Delete Sale. Learn about Deleting a transaction

  • Change the status of a sale – Click a quote or order then click Change to Order or Change to Invoice. Learn about Changing a sale's type

  • Record a customer payment – Click an order or open invoice then click Receive Payment. Learn about Receiving payments

  • Apply a customer credit to a sale or offer a refund – Click a credit on the Returns & Credits tab then click Pay Refund or Apply to Sale. Learn about Settling customer credits

  • Create a new sale – Click New SaleNew InvoiceNew Quote or New Order on the applicable tab. Learn how to Enter an invoice, quote or order

  • Create a purchase order from an order or quote – Click the quote or order then click Create PO. Learn about Creating a purchase order from a sale

  • Adjust the displayed columns

    • Change the column order by clicking a column heading and dragging it to a new position.

    • Change the column width by clicking and dragging the edge of a column heading left or right.

  • Print or export the sales register – Display the information you want to print or export, then right-click in the sales register and chose Copy List to Clipboard. Paste the list into a spreadsheet or any document you like, ready for printing.