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Print or email sales

You can print sales (invoices, sales orders and quotes) when recording the transaction. Or, you can print or email your sales documents later, in a batch. If your company file is online, you can track invoice activity and get paid faster. Learn more about online invoicing.

If you've set up AccountRight to send emails, you're good to go.

Send invoices via SMS

When you email an invoice set up for Online Invoice Payments, there's an option to also send an SMS with a link to the online invoice. This option is only available when you send invoices directly from AccountRight's emailing service (not via Microsoft Outlook).

Sales are generated using the form you choose at the time of emailing or printing, and you can personalise these forms to suit your business needs.

You can also set a customer's preferred method for receiving their invoices, or choose this when recording the sale.

Automatic printing

There's a few time-saving preferences you can turn on to magically print your sales, packing slips and mailing labels.

You'll find these preferences via Setup menu > Preferences Sales tab.

Preferences window with sales tab and top 3 preferences highlighted