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Print or email sales

Looking for your MYOB subscription invoices?

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The quickest way to get your invoices in front of your customers is via email. But you can also download PDFs of your invoices that you can save or print. You can do this when you create the invoice, or any time afterwards.

You can also email or print multiple invoices at once. This is great if you use recurring invoices or if you like to send your invoices in a batch on a particular day of the week.

Using online invoice payments?

If you use online invoice payments, you can send your customer an SMS notification when you email them an invoice. See the steps in the following procedure.

Provide a receipt

If a customer has paid you via online invoice payments, they receive an email notification that they have paid. In their online invoice, the Pay Now button changes to View Receipt – they can click this to view or download the receipt. Otherwise, when a customer makes a payment, you can provide them a copy of the invoice (showing the payment) as a receipt.