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Get invoice financing with Butn

Instead of waiting until a customer pays their unpaid invoice, you can obtain invoice financing. This means you'll have access to valuable cashflow when you need it, instead of waiting until the customer pays you.

MYOB has partnered with invoice finance experts Butn to provide this service. You simply apply for a Butn account, then request funding whenever you need it.

Invoice financing is currently only available to selected Australian businesses

If it's currently not available to you but you're keen to try it, register your interest by emailing us at

How it works

  1. Apply for an account with Butn.

  2. Enter an invoice in MYOB as you normally would.

  3. Request funding from Butn—directly from the invoice.

  4. Upon approval, Butn deposits up to 100% of the invoice value (minus fees) into your nominated bank account.

  5. When the repayment is due, Butn debits your account for the amount you owe them.

Butn Limited (ACN 644 182 883) is an Australian business-to-business financing company. They offer a range of funding solutions to help small businesses manage their cashflow and provide them with faster access to their money.

Visit for more information.

Getting invoice financing

The first time you apply for invoice financing, you'll apply for a Butn account. They'll verify your identity and perform a credit check on you and all directors of the business.

Once you have a Butn account, you can apply for financing directly from your invoices in MYOB.

Already have a Butn account? You can connect your account to MYOB by emailing Butn at or calling 1300 333 863 (1 300 33 FUND).

Recording the invoice finance in MYOB

We recommend setting up two new accounts in MYOB to help you keep track of the funding you receive from Butn, their fees, and the amounts you pay back to them.

This might seem tricky, but with the steps below (and maybe with help from your accounting advisor) you'll see it's not that bad.

Need to contact Butn?

If you have any questions or concerns, email Butn at or call 1300 333 863 (1 300 33 FUND).