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Build, buy or backorder items

Not available in AccountRight Basics

If you track item quantities and values, and you want to record a sales invoice for an item with insufficient on-hand quantities, you can build, buy or backorder the item.

Not sure if you have enough to sell when entering an invoice?

When selecting an item on an invoice, you can quickly see your on-hand stock in the Item Number drop-down list.

Example invoice with item number field clicked and items on hand highlighted

Build, buy or backorder items

When you attempt to record a sales invoice for an item you don’t have enough of, the Backorder List window appears.

In this window, you can:

  • Build the required quantity (to auto build an item)

  • Buy the required quantity (to create a purchase order)

  • Backorder the required quantity (to create a sales order)

Before you can build an item

Before you can auto-build an item, you need to set up your item details. For more information, see Auto-building items.

Before you can order an item

Before you can record a purchase order, you need to enter a primary supplier for reorders in the Buying Details tab of the item record. For more information, see Creating items.

To build, buy or backorder items in the Backorder List window

This window lists items that are either out of stock or would be as a result of recording the sale.

Example backorder list window with one item listed

Decide what you want to do:

Multiple items with insufficient quantities

You can use the Backorder List window to backorder multiple items with insufficient quantities. However, you can perform the backordering task only after the other two tasks (build and buy) are completed. For example, if you want to backorder some items and buy others, you need to buy the required items first and then return to this window (by clicking Record in the Sales window again) to complete the backorder.