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eInvoicing responses

When you receive an eInvoice from a supplier, a response needs to be sent from your MYOB software back to the supplier's software. This let's the supplier know the status of their eInvoice, and if there's any action they need to take.

A response contains a Status code and rejected eInvoices also need to include a Response code.

Status codes

There are 8 possible status codes used by eInvoicing networks, but MYOB only uses these mandatory ones.

Status code


AB (Message Acknowledgement)

This status code is automatically sent to the supplier when a readable eInvoice is received into your MYOB software and it can be submitted for processing.

AP (Accepted/Approved)

This status code is used when you've approved the supplier's eInvoice for payment (you approve an eInvoice when you create a bill from it).

RE (Rejected)

This status code is used when you reject the supplier's eInvoice and you're not going to process it any further. You'll also need to choose a Response code.

Response codes

If you reject a supplier's eInvoice, you'll also need to choose a Response code. This lets the supplier know why their eInvoice was rejected.

Response code


Reference Incorrect

The eInvoice doesn't contain the references you need to be able to process or approve it.

Legal info incorrect

Information in the eInvoice isn't according to legal requirements.

Reasons for Status not defined

The reason for rejecting the eInvoice isn't covered by any other response code.

Not recognised

You don't recognise the commercial transaction in the eInvoice.

Prices incorrect

The prices in the eInvoice are not according to your previous expectation.

Delivery issues

The delivery provided or proposed in the eInvoice is not acceptable.

Items incorrect

The items in the eInvoice are not according to your previous expectation.

Quantity incorrect

The quantity in the eInvoice is not according to your previous expectation.

Item quality insufficient

The quality of the items in the eInvoice is unacceptable or wrong

You can also type a Response reason to give the supplier additional details, like this example: