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Creating a sales order

MYOB Business Pro only

When a customer wants to buy goods or services from you, but you're not yet ready to invoice them, you can create a sales order for them. This will detail the selling price, quantity, and type of goods or services provided. Later, when you're ready to ship the items, or you've completed the service, you can invoice the customer.

Why you should use sales orders:

Sales order availability

Sales orders are only available for MYOB Business Pro users or AccountRight users accessing their company file in a web browser. If you are an AccountRight browser user, see the FAQ's below for information on what sales order features are available.

Creating and using sales orders

When you're ready to ship inventory items to a customer (or, if you're a service-based business, you've completed a job), you can convert the sales order to an invoice. You can then send the invoice to the customer to complete the sale.

In MYOB Business (or if you are an AccountRight user working on your company file in a web browser) the original sales order is retained when you convert it to an invoice, so you can go back to it.

For all the details, see Converting a sales order to an invoice.

Features still to come

We'll be delivering further features and improvements to sales orders*, enabling you to:

  • convert a quote to a sales order

  • apply a deposit to a sales order.

Keep track of new features and improvements

Keep track of all MYOB Business new features and improvements. Visit (and bookmark) the MYOB Business Release Notes.

* New feature availability is subject to change