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Inventory reports

The inventory reports in MYOB Business give you the insights to help you manage your inventory. They save you time from having to manually check stock levels, help ensure that you always have enough stock for your customers and that you're stocking the right type of items.

Easily see how many items you have on hand, how many are on order or committed to a sale, how profitable each one is and when you need to reorder them.

You can view inventory reports from the Inventory report group (go to the Reports page > Inventory).

Report descriptions




See a list of your inventory items, their primary supplier, the number of units on hand or committed to sales or orders and easily reorder them.

Stock on hand 

Get a snapshot of your inventory quantities, including the units on hand and committed to sales, or orders. View the total value and average cost of your items.

Item sales analysis

Analyse the sales performance and profitability of your items for a specified period. View the quantity of items sold, their gross profit and profit margin, and the cost of sales you incurred selling them.

Items register

See all of the inventory items you've used in transactions within a specified date range. View the details of these transactions.

Items list

Easily get a complete list of all of your items, their suppliers and values.

Inventory value reconciliation exceptions

Reconcile your inventory by comparing the total value of all on-hand inventory to the current balance of the linked inventory accounts.

Click a report name below to find out what it can tell you.

Exporting, saving and printing

You can export your report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF by clicking Export. Note that you must enable editing of the spreadsheet from within Excel. If editing is disabled, the spreadsheet will not display the totals calculated in the report.

When exporting PDFs, you can also choose which style template you want to use. When the PDF displays, you can save it.

When viewing a report, click View and print to display the report as a PDF in a new browser tab, where you can save or print it.

Bundle your inventory reports together

Add multiple reports to a single document, complete with a cover page, table of contents and personalised styling. You can then run the report pack with your latest inventory or other business data and share it with others. For more information, see Report packs.