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Using the MYOB Capture app

Is your shoebox overflowing with receipts you’re keeping “just in case”? With MYOB Capture, you can take a quick photo of a receipt and send it to your MYOB In Tray in seconds – helping you keep compliant and organised.

If you have a compatible Android or iOS device, you’re ready to go—just download and install MYOB Capture:

Download from the App Store (iOS)

Download from Google Play (Android)

Once it's installed, here’s how it works: 

  1. Take a photo of a receipt. 

  2. Crop the photo to remove unwanted areas.

  3. Send the photo to your In Tray! 

    MYOB Capture app add note to receipt

Your receipt will be sent to your In Tray, ready for you to use in MYOB.

You can also add a note to your captured receipt. You may want to add notes about who captured the receipt, how it was paid or how it should be allocated. Notes will be saved along with the document and will appear in any transactions you use them in, such as a Spend Money transaction or a Bill.

Notes don't appear in the In tray.


Do you have multiple MYOB businesses? No problem—the app lets you switch between files.

Who has access to MYOB Capture? Anyone who has access to your online company file will be able to use MYOB Capture to send receipts to your In Tray. They don’t need any special permissions. See Set up a new user for MYOB Capture below.

Setting up a new user

Anyone who has access to your MYOB business will be able to use MYOB Capture to send receipts to your In tray. If you want to set up a new user for MYOB Capture, you need to invite them to your MYOB business.

Matching receipts to spend money transactions

The matching feature uses the amount and date on your captured receipts and finds any spend money transactions that match. You can review the matches and attach the document if it's correct. This way, you won’t need to link receipts in MYOB back at the office. It’ll all be done for you!

What happens next?

Once the receipt is in your In Tray you can:

  • create a new bill

  • link to an existing bill

  • link to a bank transaction

  • create a Spend money transaction

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