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Viewing bills

If you want to preview a bill, see previewing and printing bills .

To open the Bills page, go to the Purchases menu and choose Bills.

The Bills page lists all of the bills you’ve entered into MYOB. For each bill, the bill number, supplier, supplier invoice number, date received, date due, total amount and amount due is listed.

To find a bill, you can use the search feature or filter the list by type.

Every bill has a status:

  • Closed—for bills that have been paid in full.

  • Open—for bills that you haven’t entered a payment for. Overdue bills have a red Open status

  • Debit —for bills that are supplier returns and debits

List of bills with different statuses

Click the bill number to open the bill. At the bottom of the bill under More information you'll see the Activity history which shows when the bill was created and any payments that have been applied.

Example activity history at the bottom of a bill