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Deleting purchase returns

If you've created a purchase return which needs deleting, here's how:

To delete a purchase return

  1. From the Purchases menu, click Purchase returns and debits.

  2. Locate the return to be deleted.

    1. From the Supplier list, choose the supplier whose returns you want to see.

    2. In the Search field, enter all or part of a supplier's name or the return amount. As you type, matching returns will be shown.

    3. Click a column heading to sort the displayed list by that column.

  3. Click the Bill number for the return you want to delete. The details of the return are shown.

  4. Click Delete.

  5. At the confirmation message, click Delete.


How do I delete a purchase return that's been applied to a bill?


When you apply a return to an open bill, it's treated like any other bill payment. So before you can delete the return, you'll need to remove it from the bill you applied it to. 

  1. Open the bill the return was applied to (Purchases menu > Bills > click the bill). Need help finding a bill?

  2. In the Activity history at the bottom of the bill, click the reference number for the payment (the return) you want to remove.

  3. Click Delete.

  4. At the confirmation message, click Delete.

The payment is now removed from the bill, so the bill will now be open (unpaid) if it wasn't already. The return will now be listed on the Purchase returns and debits page where you can delete it as described above – or you can apply it to a different bill or process a refund.