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Automating Ampol invoices

Australia only

We've partnered with Ampol to have their invoices automatically sent to your In Tray. If you have an AmpolCard, you can link your Ampol account with your MYOB AccoutRight business.

Looking for another supplier?

We've partnered with a number of other suppliers and we'll be adding more suppliers soon. See automating supplier invoices.

  1. If you haven't already done so, register for a myAmpol account.

  2. Log in to your myAmpol account.

  3. Select Accounts & Transactions.

  4. Under the Connect to MYOB button, select agree to the MYOB integration.

Now when you purchase through Ampol, your invoices will be automatically imported to your In Tray. Learn more about working with In Tray documents.


If you're having trouble setting up your myAmpol account, contact myAmpol Support on 1300 662 669 or AmpolCard Support on 1300 365 096.