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Automatically upload your Actrol invoices to MYOB

We've partnered with Actrol to have their invoices automatically sent to Uploads in MYOB Business. Just link your Actrol account with your MYOB business.

Looking for another supplier?

We've partnered with a number of other suppliers and we'll be adding more suppliers soon. See Automating supplier invoices.

  1. Create an Actrol account and log in.

  2. Follow these steps to link MYOB with the Actrol maX app.

When you purchase through Actrol, your invoices will now be automatically uploaded to your MYOB Business. Learn more about Working with uploaded documents.


What do I need to do when making an Actrol purchase?



  1. Log in using your account details.

  2. Complete the checkout process.

  3. Actrol will send your invoice to your uploads.


All purchases made in store through a Actrol trade account will be recorded in maX. If the maX account has been linked to an MYOB account, these invoices will automatically be sent through the MYOB account. 

Your invoice will usually be delivered to Uploads in your MYOB Business on the night of your purchase. Learn more about Working with uploaded documents.

Do I have to code every line item?


No. When your Actrol invoice arrives in Uploads, choose Create bill.

On the Create bill page, enter or choose the Category to categorise your purchase, based on what you typically purchase. This will automatically fill in the category at line level for this and all future bills for Actrol (but you can change the category at line level if needed).

Here's an example for a Caltex purchase, but the same approach is used for Actrol invoices:

Bill created from uploaded Caltex document with category highlightedBill created from uploaded Caltex document with category highlighted

How do I opt out of the service?

  1. Log in to the Actrol website.

  2. Click Manage account.

  3. Select Linked applications.

  4. Unlink to stop Actrol invoices from going to your MYOB account.

If you're having trouble setting up your account, contact Actrol.