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Capital purchases and finance

There are many finance options available to purchase capital equipment, including:

  • chattel mortgages: ownership of the item transfers to the business when the lending company pays the supplier of the goods.

  • hire purchase: ownership of the goods remain with the lending company until the agreement is paid out.

  • lease agreements: ownership stays with the leasing body and the goods are never owned by the business.

  • personal loans: these loans are usually from those close to the entity (e.g. directors, family or benevolent friends) and can be treated in the same manner as a chattel mortgage.

AccountRight can be set up to record the specifics of your capital purchase arrangement, but there's a few variables which need to be considered, including:

  • the terms and conditions of your purchase agreement

  • your GST reporting basis (cash/payments or accrual/invoice)

  • the tax/GST implications (the ATO (Australia) or IRD (New Zealand) have good info on this).

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We might not be experts in capital purchase arrangements, but our community forum is a great place to connect with business professionals who are happy to share their insights.

Ron Boulton, one of our top forum contributors, has a wealth of experience in this area. Check out his great article on how to record capital purchases and finance in AccountRight.