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3. Bill the customer

Not available in AccountRight Basics

This is task 3 of 3 for Reimbursable expenses. The previous task is Assign expenses to the job.

  1. Go to the Sales command centre and click Enter Sales. The Sales window appears.

  2. Enter the customer’s name and press Tab.

  3. Click Reimburse. The Customer Reimbursable Expenses window appears.
    The To Be Reimbursed tab lists all expenses that have yet to be billed to this customer.

  4. Click in the select column for each expense you want to bill.

  5. If you want to change the amounts that will be billed, you can edit the amounts in the Reimbursable column.

    Markup shortcuts

    If you want to mark up all selected expenses by a certain amount or percentage, click Markup and complete the Markup Information window.

  6. If a selected expense does not match the invoice layout, (for example, you want to be reimbursed for a non-item expense on an item invoice), select the appropriate item, account or activity that you want to use for these expenses in the Reimbursement [...] field.

    For example, if you recorded a Spend Money transaction and you want to be reimbursed for the expense using an item invoice, you will need to select an appropriate item in the Reimbursement Item field in order to include the expense on the invoice. If you don’t have an appropriate item for this purpose, you will need to create one.

    All selected expenses that do not match the invoice layout will be allocated to the default item, account or activity

    If you want to be reimbursed for several expenses that relate to different income accounts, items or activities, you can change the details on the invoice later.

  7. Click Reimburse. The selected expenses are now listed in the line item area of the Sales window.

    About reimbursed expenses

    When you click Reimburse, all selected expenses will be considered as having been reimbursed, even if you don’t record the invoice, or you later delete the invoice. If you want to change the status of the expense to be reimbursable again, see Changing the status of a reimbursable expense.

  8. Make any other changes to the invoice, and then click Record.