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Creating multiple activity slips

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

In addition to being able to create single activity slips, you can also create multiple activity slips at once. In the Enter Multiple Activity Slips window, each line in the list represents one activity slip. Although this view limits the amount of detail you can enter on the activity slip, you can view any activity slip in the Activity Slip window and enter more detail at a later stage.

Adding activity hours to a timesheet (Australia only) In the Enter Multiple Activity Slips window, you can’t choose to include an activity’s hours on a timesheet.

To create multiple activity slips

  1. Go to the Time Billing command centre and click Enter Activity Slip. The Enter Activity Slip window appears.

  2. Click Enter Multiple Slips. The Enter Multiple Activity Slips window appears.

  3. In the Employee or Supplier field, type or select the name of the employee (or supplier) performing the activity. Any activity slips you have already created for the employee or supplier are listed, with each line representing a single activity slip.

  4. On the first blank line, enter details of an activity.

  5. Press tab or click in the next line to move the insertion point to the next line where you can enter another activity slip.

  6. Repeat from step 4 for each activity slip you want to create.

  7. When you have entered the details of all the required activity slips, click Record to record the activity slips.