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Creating activity slips

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

Activity slips are used to record time-based activities performed for a customer and form the basis for the invoices that you send that customer.

You can invoice the full amount for the activity or invoice just part of the amount, leaving the balance for a later date.

You can create an activity slip in three ways:

  • Create a single activity slip. This allows you to enter the most detail about the activity slip. See the procedure below.

  • Create multiple activity slips

    . You can enter multiple activity slips at once, while not entering as much detail for each.

  • (Australia only)


    Create a timesheet

    . You can enter the hours per day an employee spends to complete work for clients and customers, while automatically creating an activity slip. You can also create a timesheet entry by assigning an hourly payroll category to an activity slip.