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Using multiple businesses

If you have more than one MYOB business, you can manage them using the same MYOB account login details. This means you can switch to working with a different business whenever you're logged in.

If you need to add a new business, see below.

To give someone access to your MYOB business file, you'll need to invite them.


Switching from one business to another


If you've added more than one MYOB business, every time you log in to MYOB the My businesses page will appear first, so you can choose which business you want to work with.

If you're already logged in to an MYOB business file, you can switch to another by clicking your business menu in the top-right corner and choosing Switch business.

Adding a new MYOB business file


Each MYOB business file needs its own subscription, and you can create a new or additional file by starting a new trial via our website.

To continue using the new file after the trial period, you'll need to subscribe for that new business.

If you're an MYOB Partner, you can create an MYOB Business file for a client via transaction processing.


How do I cancel an MYOB business?


To cancel a business, you'll need to cancel its associated subscription. For details see Cancelling your MYOB subscription.

Why can't I switch businesses?


You might not be able to switch businesses because you weren't given permission when you were invited to the business. Ask whoever invited you (often the business owner or your advisor) to change your user type.

To access multiple businesses, you need to have been invited with the User type of Online admin or Advisor (not File user).