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Post-upgrade cheat sheet

AccountRight looks similar to your old software, but in fact it’s been built from the ground up to take advantage of the online business world. So we’ve prepared this cheat sheet to address some of the things customers find different after they move to the new AccountRight, as well as some enhancements you might not be aware of.

Keyboard shortcut changes

Here's some keyboard data entry changes you should know about.        


v19 shortcut



New shortcut



Insert Transaction Line





Insert Blank Line




Date Entry Calendar



= (equals) or SPACEBAR






See our list of keyboard shortcuts in AccountRight.  


In AccountRight Classic, you had the ability to set default font sizes and font types for windows, forms and report. This feature isn't available in the new AccountRight, however you do get the ability to change the font for:

If you would like to see more options for changing fonts in AccountRight, submit ideas or vote for existing ones in the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

 Optimise the performance of your AccountRight.

 There are a number of things you can do to optimise AccountRight's performance. See Speed and performance tips for more information.

Want to explore further?

See our What's new for v19 users help topic.

Watch our Show Me videos for more information, such as how to migrate and tweak your customised forms.

See what we've added recently to AccountRight.

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