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Bonus and commission payments

There are two ways you can pay a bonus or commission:

  • include the payment in the employee's regular pay, or

  • process the payment separately.

Either way, you'll need to set up the bonus or commission payment and assign it to the applicable employees. You can then process the payment in a pay run.

Setting up a bonus or commission

MYOB comes with default Bonus and Commission pay items which you can assign to your employees to include in their pays. If an employee requires more than one type of bonus or commission added to their pay, you can create additional pay items.

You can set the bonus or commission amount to include in each employee's pay, or you can enter the amount during the pay run.

Superannuation and leave

Depending on the bonus or commission you're paying, it might need to be included in your superannuation calculations. To clarify your super obligations, speak to your accounting advisor or check the ATO guidelines. If the payment shouldn't accrue super, you'll need to exempt it from super calculations (see below).As per the Fair Work guidelines, leave doesn't accrue on bonus or commission payments, so you'll need to exempt those payments from accruing leave (see below).

Once you're set up, you can pay the bonus or commission.

Paying the bonus or commission

Once you've set up the bonus or commission, you can include it in an employee's regular pay, or you can run a separate pay for it to make it clear what you're paying.