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Superannuation Guarantee for the building industry

If you work in the building and construction industry, your industry award generally states that superannuation is payable as a set percentage of gross wages (known as the Superannuation Guarantee). Learn more about your super obligations on the ATO website.

When setting up AccountRight for Superannuation Guarantee, there's no "one size fits all" solution. A variety of factors will determine how to enter superannuation details in your payroll:

  • Individual worker status (employee or contractor)

  • Percentage of business activity related to building and construction services

  • Eligibility of workers for both the Superannuation Guarantee and any super contributed awards you may already offer

Want to learn more?

We might not be experts in superannuation for the building industry, but our community forum is a great place to connect with business professionals who are happy to share their insights.

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