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Additional superannuation contributions

Additional super contributions can be:

Need to fix overpaid or underpaid super? See Checking and adjusting superannuation.

Reportable employer super contributions

Super contributions above the compulsory superannuation guarantee might be classified by the ATO as reportable employer super contributions (RESC). To check if a contribution is reportable, see the ATO's guidelines or speak to your accounting advisor.

Set up employee additional super

If an employee wants to contribute one or more extra payments to their super fund from their net (after-tax) pay, here's how to do it.

Set up employer additional super

If you as an employer contribute more than the compulsory super guarantee, this is called employer additional super.

It's a tricky area because some employer additional superannuation contributions need to be reported to the ATO as reportable employer super contributions (RESC). For clarification, check the ATO's guidelines or speak to your accounting advisor.

Processing a pay with additional super

Once you've set up an additional super pay item and assigned it to the employee, it will be available when you do a pay for that employee.