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Setting up Single Touch Payroll reporting

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a simple way to report your employees’ payroll information to the ATO and keep your business compliant. Tell me more about STP.

Setting up doesn't take long and can be done by whoever processes pays for your business. If a tax or BAS agent looks after your payroll, they'll need to complete the steps below to set up STP on your behalf.

If you pay employees using more than one MYOB Business file, you'll need to set up STP in each file.

What to expect

When you set up STP, here's what'll happen:

  1. Your business, employee and payroll details will be checked to make sure they meet the ATO's requirements.

  2. You'll then notify the ATO that you're using MYOB to send your payroll information.

  3. You can then add other people who process your payroll so they can also send payroll information to the ATO.

OK, let's start by checking your payroll details.

To check your payroll details

  1. Go to the Payroll menu and choose Single Touch Payroll reporting.

  2. Click Get started to check your payroll details for any issues. What gets checked?

    Start of setting up STP

  3. If no issues are found, you're ready to Notify the ATO for Single Touch Payroll reporting.

  4. If any issues are found, click View errors to see the details on the Single Touch Payroll setup errors page.

  5. Fix all the issues listed under Business detailsEmployee information and ATO reporting categories:

  6. To run the check again, either click Refresh on the Single Touch Payroll setup errors page, or repeat the above steps.

  7. When no more issues are found, click Get started.

    Example success message when setting up STP

  8. You can now continue setting up STP by notifying the ATO for Single Touch Payroll reporting.