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Check payroll details for Single Touch Payroll reporting

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

When you set up Single Touch Payroll, your payroll information was checked to make sure it complied with the ATO's requirements. What gets checked?

To ensure you stay compliant, AccountRight will check your payroll details each time you do a pay run. You'll be notified if any details are missing or invalid so you can fix it.

You can also manually check your payroll details at any time (Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting > Check Payroll Details).

Example issues found during payroll detail check

When you process your payroll, you might also see a similar warning, like this:

Example warning during pay run that some details need updating

To fix issues in your payroll details

  1. Check the error description to see if it relates to your company information, an employee, or a payroll category.

  2. If there's a zoom arrow  next to the error, click it to open a window where you can fix the error. If there's no zoom arrow, check the error description has details about what needs fixing, e.g. an employee's address has the wrong information in a field.
    To fix:

  3. When you've fixed all the errors, click Check Payroll Details again. If there are no further errors, your payroll details are all good!

Need help understanding or fixing an issue?

If you're not sure what an error means or how to fix it, we recommend speaking to the ATO or seeking advice from your accounting advisor.