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Getting ready for STP Phase 2

You must be reporting to the ATO via STP Phase 2

The ability to report payroll via STP Phase 1 in MYOB will end on 15 March 2024*. If you've been using STP Phase 1 reporting in MYOB, we encourage you to move to STP Phase 2 to ensure that you are compliant and can continue to report Single Touch Payroll to the ATO.

*This date is indicative only and subject to change

Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2 is an expansion of the ATO's payroll reporting system. Under this expansion, you'll report additional information to the ATO and clarify the payments you make to your employees.

Reporting via STP Phase 2 will:

  • reduce your reporting burden if you currently report to multiple government agencies, and

  • support the administration of Services Australia.

To learn all about STP Phase 2 and the benefits, visit the ATO website.

If you set up STP after mid-December 2021, you'll already be reporting via STP Phase 2. If you're not sure, see the FAQs below.

Moving to STP Phase 2

You'll be prompted in your MYOB business to make the move to STP Phase 2. It's a simple process and we'll guide you every step of the way.

During the move, your business and employee details will be checked to make sure they meet the new STP requirements. This includes checking inactive and terminated employees if you've paid them in the current payroll year. If anything needs fixing, we'll let you know.

See how easy it is to move