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Edit company information for Single Touch Payroll

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

When you set up Single Touch Payroll, your payroll details were checked to identify any company information that need updating. What gets checked?

But you can manually check your details at any time via the Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting > Check Payroll Details.

If any issues are found in your company information, they'll be listed like in this example:

Company information issues

Here's what to do:

To edit your company details

  1. If you're not already on the Check Payroll Details window (shown above), go to the Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting Check Payroll Details. The Check Payroll Details window appears listing the results.

  2. Click the arrow next to the company information error in the list (see example above). The Company Information window appears. You can also get to this window via the Payroll command centre > Payroll Reporting > Company Information.

    STP company information

  3. Make the required fixes. Do you have an overseas address?

    Check your ABN

    The ABN you enter here is what is sent to the ATO each time you process payroll. Ensure the ABN is your current ABN and doesn't have any typos.This ABN must match what is entered when you Notify the ATO you're using MYOB for Single Touch Payroll reporting. If they don't match, the payroll reports will be rejected and not sent to the ATO.

  4. Click OK to save your changes and return to the Payroll Reporting window.

  5. Click Check Payroll Details to refresh the list to see if everything is done. If everything is fine, you're ready to Notify the ATO you're using MYOB for Single Touch Payroll reporting.