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Setting up pay items / categories

Pay items are the different parts of an employee's pay, like wages, leave, deductions, superannuation and tax.

There are default pay items in MYOB that you can use, or you can create new ones to suit your business needs.

We'll cover the set up of each type of pay item in this help topic, but there are some specific pay items you might want to set up, including:

You'll need to assign an ATO reporting category to each pay item to ensure it's reported correctly to the ATO for Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Once you've set up your pay items and assigned them to your employees, the pay items will be included in your employees' pays when you do a pay run.

Viewing pay items

Go to the Payroll menu and choose Pay items, then click the applicable tab to see your pay items.

Click a pay item to view its details. For information on each type of pay item, see Setting up pay items below. If you need to change a pay item, see Changing or deleting pay items used in employee pays.

Example list of default pay items

When you start using MYOB, there's a set of default pay items you can use, or customise, based on your business needs. These default pay items are available to use when you add an employee.

Setting up pay items

When you set up a pay item, you can assign it to one or more employees—saving time with your payroll setup.

There are default pay items that come with MYOB which you can customise to suit your needs or create new ones.

OK, let's step you through it.

Made a mistake or need to change something? See Changing or deleting pay items used in employee pays.