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Print or export employee details

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

To print employee details, run the Employee Employment Details report (Reports menu > Index to Reports > Payroll tab). You can add and remove fields from this report by clicking the Insert/Modify tab then clicking Show/Hide.

Once the report displays what you want, print the report.

If this report doesn't show exactly what you want, you can export the information you need and open the export file in Excel. Or, you can check out other Payroll reports.

Here are the basics on exporting - for more details see Exporting data.

To export employee details

  1. Go to the File menu and choose Import/Export Assistant.

  2. Choose Export Data then click Next.

  3. Choose Cards > Employee cards then click Next.

  4. Leave the Format setting at their default values then click Next.

  5. From the list of Available fields, select the fields you want to export then click Add. For example you might want to export First Name, Co./Last Name, Start Date, etc.

  6. Click Export and save the file. To make it easy to find, save it to your Desktop.

  7. You can now open the export file in Excel.

    1. In Excel, go to the File menu and choose Open. This might vary depending on your Excel version.

    2. In the Open window, choose All Files.

    3. Select the export file (on your Desktop) and click Open.

    4. When the Text Import Wizard appears, click Finish. The exported information appears. The columns in the Excel spreadsheet represent the fields exported from AccountRight.

    5. You can manipulate, print or save this information as required.

Learn more about opening an export file in Excel or bulk updating cards.