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4. Exclude termination payroll categories from superannuation calculations

AccountRight Plus and Premier

This is task 4 of 7 for processing a final pay (see previous task or an overview of all tasks).

If you need to exclude termination payroll categories from super calculations, here's how to do it. If you're unsure about whether a payroll category should accrue super, check with the ATO or seek advice from your accountant or the ATO.

In addition to super, you might also need to exclude ETP payroll categories from leave accruals. Speak to your accountant or the ATO if you're unsure what to do.

  1. Go to the Payroll command centre and click Payroll Categories. The Payroll Category List window appears.

  2. Click the Superannuation tab and select a superannuation payroll category that is linked to the employee’s pay.

  3. Click Edit. The Superannuation Information window appears.

  4. Click Exempt. The Superannuation Exemptions window appears. If the Exempt button is not active, it means the superannuation category is not set up with the calculation basis as percentage of Gross Hours.

  5. Click in the select column checkbox next to the termination payroll categories you want to exclude from the superannuation calculation.

    Superannuation exemptions window with wage categories selected

  6. Click OK then OK again.

  7. Repeat from step 2 for each superannuation payroll category.

  8. Click OK to return to the Superannuation Information window.

  9. Proceed to the next task: Record the final termination pay.