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Payroll tax reporting

AccountRight Plus and Premier

Payroll tax is a state tax imposed on an employer’s liability to pay wages. There are thresholds before this applies, depending on the state in which you employ staff in Australia.

An individual employer or a group of related businesses may be liable for payroll tax if their total liable wages throughout Australia exceeds the set state payroll tax threshold each year.

If you're liable to pay state or territory payroll tax, you can calculate your payroll tax amounts using the payroll information in your company file. If you're unsure about whether you're liable to pay state or territory payroll tax, contact your state or territory revenue office, or check the Payroll Tax Australia website.

Before you can report payroll tax, you need to set up your payroll tax details. After you process pays for your employees, you can run a report to display the payroll tax due for a period. Note that you can only set up payroll tax for one state or territory.