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Pay Liabilities and BASlink

AccountRight Plus and Premier

A payroll liability is an amount withheld from an employee's pay which is paid to an appropriate authority or agency, for example, deductions, expenses, superannuation payments, and taxes.

Your payroll liabilities are recorded when you process your payroll, and you can pay these amounts using the Pay Liabilities feature.

If you use BASlink to record your PAYG withholding payments, be aware of the following before recording PAYG withholding payments using the Pay Liabilities feature:

  • There is the potential for duplicating PAYG Withholdings payments if you use both BASlink and Pay Liabilities.

  • PAYG Withholding payments not recorded in the Pay Liabilities window will appear as exceptions in the Company Data Auditor.

  • There is the potential for variances in Salary Sacrifice Superannuation amounts in BASlink.

If you want to use the Pay Liabilities window to record PAYG withholding payments, and you also want use BASlink to complete your BAS or IAS, you need to post your PAYG withholding payments to a temporary holding account, sometimes called a clearing account.

When you pay your PAYG withholding payments using Pay Liabilities, the value is posted to the clearing account. Then when you make your payment to the ATO, that value is paid from the clearing account - balancing everything nicely.

Let's step you through the required tasks.