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Adjusting leave entitlements

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

There are a few reasons you might need to change an employee's leave balance, including:

  • fixing an incorrect leave payment, e.g. an employee's leave balance is wrong because you've entered the wrong amount of leave in a pay

  • entering opening leave balances, e.g. your employees have leave owing to them when you first start using payroll in AccountRight

  • transferring leave balances from one entitlement category to another, e.g. an employee has changed from an hourly pay rate to a fixed salary, which changes the entitlement category they have assigned to them.

Let's take you through each of these.

Check your leave setup

If you need to change how a type of leave is calculated and paid, see Leave and entitlements.

Don't tamper with history

If you've made a mistake with leave in a pay, don't try to fix it by changing the Pay History in an employee's card. Instead, fix it by adjusting the employee's leave as described above.

Changing the Pay History in an employee's card will cause a few headaches, including an out of balance between the employee's card and the Entitlement Balance reports.