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Changing an employee's salary or hourly rate

  1. Go to Payroll > Employees.

  2. Click the employee's name.

  3. Click the Payroll details tab > Salary and wages tab.

  4. Change the Annual salary or Hourly rate.

    Example salary and hourly rate fields

  5. Click Save. The new pay rate will now apply.


What if I need to change an employee’s pay rate in the middle of a pay cycle?


Any rate changes you make in an employee's contact record will apply from the start of their next pay period.

If you need to change an employee's rate during a pay period, create a wage pay item called "Old pay rate" or similar and assign it to the employee.

When you then do your next pay run, edit the employee's pay to:

  • enter the hours/amount they worked on their old rate against the "Old pay rate" pay item, and

  • enter the hours/amount they worked on their new rate against Base Salary or Base Hourly.

How do I change an employee from full time, part time or casual?


Changes to working arrangements can be updated in an employee's record. This may include changes to pay rate, hours worked, and entitlements.

If the employee has unpaid leave which needs to be paid out, there may be rules around the payment of unused leave, so check with your accounting advisor if unsure.

You can then update the employee's payroll details to match their new working arrangement. See Adding an employee for help.

Check the rules with an expert

If you're not sure what an employee is entitled to under their new arrangement, the Fair Work website is a good place to start. You'll also find lots of experts on our community forum who are happy to provide advice on your situation.

Make a note of this change

Use the Notes field in an employee's record as a reminder of when you made this change (Payroll > Employees > click the employee > Contact details tab > Notes).