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Getting employees to check their details

AccountRight Plus and Premier online company files only

If you've manually set up an employee by entering some or all of their details yourself (instead of the employee self-onboarding), or if they'd like to update their details at any time, you can send the employee a secure request to review their details.

This request is sent via email and an optional text message to ensure the employee sees it – and responds – as soon as possible.

The employee can then correct anything that's wrong or missing, and submit any changes straight into your AccountRight company file*.

If you're prompted to sign on to your AccountRight company file and you see the option Link this User ID to your my.MYOB account on the Sign in window, make sure you select this option. This is required to be able to send your employees a request to check their details.

To send a review request

  1. Go to the Card File command centre > Cards List.

  2. Click the Employee tab.

  3. Click the zoom arrow to open the employee's card.

  4. On the Profile tab, click Save and request employee details.

    Save and request employee details button highlighted

  5. Enter or confirm the employee's name and email address. The email address must be unique for each employee.

  6. If you'd like to also send the request via SMS text, enter the employee's mobile number.

  7. Choose the employee’s Employment Basis. When the employee reviews their details, they'll be provided the applicable Fair Work Information Statement (as required by Fair Work). If you choose Casual the employee will also be provided the Casual Employee Information Statement.

  8. If you see the option Provide access to employee benefits, choose whether you want to give the employee access to employee benefits.

    If you’ve already set up employee benefits you won’t see this option as your employee will already get access to employee benefits via the Flare app once they’ve completed reviewing their details.

  9. Click Send. An email (and SMS text message if you've entered a mobile number) is sent to the employee guiding them through the process.

    Example review employee details screen

What the employee sees

The employee will receive an email similar to this one (and a text message if you entered their mobile number) containing a link to a secure online form.

Example email for employee to review details

When they open the form, they'll see their details from AccountRight. They can double-check what's there, make any changes or enter any missing information (fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory).

They can click Save and continue to progress to the next tab, until finally submitting the info.

The employee might not be shown some of the tabs you see below depending on the information they need to complete. For example, if you've set the employee's payment method to cash or cheque in AccountRight, they won't be shown the Bank details tab. Similarly, if you've already entered a tax file number for them, the Tax details tab won't be shown.

Example personal details tab
Example emergency contacts tab
Example bank details tab
Example tax details tab
Example super selection tab - first screen
Example super selection tab - second screen

Once the employee has completed the review and entered all mandatory information, they can click Submit

Example completion screen

*This service is provided by our related entity Flare HR Pty. Ltd.

After the employee submits their details

When the employee submits their details, you'll receive an email detailing what they've provided. You can view the employee's updated details in their card (Card File command centre > Cards List > Employee tab > click to open the employee's card).