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Reviewing your inventory information

Not available in AccountRight Basics

The following tools help you review your inventory information.




To Do List

Displays an alert for items that need to be purchased or built.


Inventory Reports

Inventory reports help you keep track of your item quantities and value.


View history

You can view the sales and purchase transaction histories of an item or supplier for seven years.


Find Transactions

Find Transactions helps you find inventory transactions.

Finding a transaction

Items Register

Gives you a list of your inventory transfers, adjustments, sales and purchases for all items.

Finding a transaction

Transactions Journal

Lists journal entries of your inventory transactions.

Finding a transaction

To view a list of all items that need to be built or purchased

  1. Click To Do List from any command centre. The To Do List window appears.

  2. Click the Stock Alert tab. A list of all items that need to be ordered or built appears. The On Hand column shows the quantity of each item actually on hand. The On Order column shows the quantity of each item already on order. The Committed column shows the quantity of an item on backorder for customers.

  3. If you want to change the details of an order or auto-build transaction before recording it, click the Order or Build zoom arrow (    ) next to the item. Complete the transaction in the window that appears.

  4. If you want to automatically order or build items:

    1. Click in the select column (    ) next to each item you want to build or order and then click Order/Build. A window appears, displaying the current date.

    2. If you want to, enter a different date.

    3. Choose whether you want to Order or Build and click OK.

  5. An order will automatically be created for the items that need to be purchased. The restocking information entered in the Buying Details tab view of the Item Information window is used to determine the supplier and quantity to order or the items to build.

To view inventory reports


The following are some reports to help you track your inventory.

  • Analyse Inventory Summary report. The summary and detailed versions of this report can serve as your order book. You can view a list of all your sales orders and purchase orders for all or selected items.

  • Item List Summary report. This report shows information about your items, including their on-hand quantities and total value. The Item List Summary report also shows an item’s current average cost price, which is important to know when making inventory adjustments. You can use this report to compare your total inventory value to the total of your inventory asset accounts.

  • Price List Summary report. This report lists your item prices, and is useful for sending to your customers.

To view sales and purchases history for an item

  1. Go to the Inventory command centre and click Items List. The Items List window appears.

  2. Click the zoom arrow (    ) next to the item you want to view. The Item Information window appears.

  3. Click the History tab. The History view displays the purchase and sales history for the item for seven years: five past years, the current year and the next year.


Why is the Items Register and Items List showing a different quantity for an item?


The Items List and Items Register should always show the same amount for an item's quantity. If these balances are different, it might be caused by a future dated transaction.

You can check this by going into your Items Register, enter the Dated From date as today’s date and the To date as 9999. This will bring up any transactions that have been future dated.

If there are transactions that are future dated, you will need to click into these transactions and correct the date.

Once this has been done, the item's quantity in the Items Register and Items List will now match.