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Deactivating and reactivating items

Instead of deleting an item (which removes it from MYOB), it's a good idea to make an unused item inactive. This removes the item from reports and some selection lists.

Inactive items retain details you may need some day, and you can always reactivate the item later if you need to.

Deactivating and reactivating items affects your inventory limit

If you use the inventory tracking features in MYOB Business (you have items with the I track stock for this item option selected), deactivating an item reduces the number of items counted towards the 10 inventoried items included in your MYOB Business subscription. Also, if you reactivate an item that has the I track stock for this item option selected, this increases the number of inventoried items you're using.

If you want to create an inventoried item and you're at your 10-item limit you can either add Premium Inventory (which allows you to track more than 10 inventoried items), or deactivate an item you're no longer using. See Add Premium Inventory.

Deactivating or reactivating items in bulk

You can use the import/export features to deactivate or reactivate multiple items.