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Bulk update customer and supplier cards

Need to add or change the personalised invoice form you use for all customers? Or want to add custom information to all suppliers? The easiest way to update details for all your cards at once is to export the data, update it in a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel) and then import your changes.

Practice makes perfect! Updating your records in bulk requires you to know a little about the AccountRight import and export feature, and how to manipulate data in a spreadsheet. If you've never done this before, or you want to see what you can do, why not start by experimenting in a sample company? It's a safe place to play. To open a sample file, open AccountRight and select the Explore a sample company option from the Welcome window. A list of sample files (named Clearwater) appears. There's one for each AccountRight product.

The following video shows you how to bulk-update your stock items, but the same approach can be used for updating customer and supplier cards. Watch this video to see how it's done.