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Add an accountant advisor

This topic is for files that are online using the latest AccountRight version. If your company file isn't online, see Add a user to an offline file.

If you're the business owner (typically the person who set up the MYOB subscription) and you have the Administrator role, you can invite one or more accounting advisors to access your company file at any time. So long as they are an MYOB Partner, an accounting advisor could be your accountant or any other person that you may want to help you with your business.

Inviting an accounting advisor to become a registered user will allow them access to all of your business information online. There’s no need to send any files, and you can continue entering invoices, payments, and so on as normal.

Advisors are different to regular users as they can allow multiple people in their business to access your file without requiring user accounts for each accountant that needs access. This doesn't mean anyone in their practice can access your company file information – only people who have been invited to access your online file can access it, and the domain name of their My Account email address must match that of the advisor's.

For security reasons, your file can only be accessed by employees in your advisor's business who have a My Account with a domain name that matches the advisor's. For example, if the advisor's email address is, only employees in your advisor's business who log into My Account with a "" email address can access your file. They also must have been invited to access your file.

To add an accountant or advisor

Advisors can only be added to online company files. Also, you must be the business owner (typically the person who set up the MYOB subscription) and have the Administrator role.

  1. Open the online company file.

  2. Go to the Setup menu and choose User Access. The User Access window appears.

  3. Click New Advisor. This button will only appear if you're in an online company file.

  4. Select the This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account option. This option allows advisors to open the file by just entering their my.MYOB details. They won't need to enter the User ID or company file password to open the file.

    Set up company file sign-on details

  5. Type the advisor’s name in the User name field.

  6. Enter the advisor's email address in the Email field. This must be the email address that they use to log into My Account. Note that the email address must have 35 characters or less.

  7. If you want to give the advisor online administrator access, select the Invite user to be an online administrator option. What is online administrator access?

    Select user roles

  8. In the Roles list, select the roles you want to assign to this advisor.  For example, you might assign the Accountant/Bookkeeper role.

  9. Click Save and Invite User (you'll only see this button if you're performing these steps in an online company file). An email will be sent to the advisor's email address inviting them to access your online company file.