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Entering pre-conversion deposits

If you're new to AccountRight, or just created a company file, you may have existing customer and/or supplier deposits which you need to record. These are called pre-conversion deposits. If you have unpaid invoices or bills, see Entering customer opening balances and historical sales and Entering supplier opening balances and historical purchases.

What does "pre-conversion" mean?

This refers to the period before you started using AccountRight or a new company file. You'll find your conversion month via the Setup menu > Company Information.

Pre-conversion deposits are treated similarly to normal customer deposits or supplier deposits with a few extra steps to ensure the accuracy of your accounts, opening balances, and customer/supplier card history.

Before you enter pre-conversion deposits

If this is your first time entering a customer/supplier deposit, you'll need to set up your company file with the necessary linked accounts.

Entering pre-conversion deposits

With your company file set up, entering pre-conversion deposits is an easy three-step process: