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Provide information to your accountant

Once you've completed your year-end tasks, your accountant can start working on your books. How you get your information to your accountant depends on the software your accountant uses and whether you store your file online. So check with your accountant to work out the best solution.

Here are some options:

  • If you store your file online, you can invite your accountant to your books. They can keep working while they make their changes and you won't need to enter journals or make changes, they'll do this for you. Note that you're accountant doesn't need an AccountRight subscription to work on your books. Learn how to go online.

  • If your accountant uses AccountRight and you don't store your file online, you can make a backup copy of your file and send it to your accountant. Ask your accountant about the best way for you to do this. It might be as simple as copying the backup file to a USB stick and sending it to your accountant. They'll then send you details of the journal entries you'll need to manually enter.

  • If your accountant uses MYOB Accountants Office or MYOB AE MAS, you can export your accounts list, journal entries, sales and purchases directly to your accountant as a text file. This file can be sent by email or saved to disk. See below for details.

  • If your accountant doesn't use MYOB software and you don't store your file online, you can produce and send the reports they need, such as a balance sheet, trial balance and profit and loss statement. Your accountant will let you know which reports they want. To make it easy, save the reports as PDF files and email them (make sure you set the correct financial year in the report filters). You'll need to manually enter any changes or journal entries they send you.

Does your accountant use MYOB AE Accounts?

If your accountant has requested information in the MYOB AE Accounts (Ceedata) format, you can export the details by going to File menu > AccountantLink > MYOB AE Accounts.