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Viewing and entering contact information

You can store a variety of information about each of your contacts, including their contact details, business details and information about the type of contact they are.

Viewing contacts

You can see a list of your contacts on the Contacts page (Contacts menu > View contacts).Here are some pointers on finding a contact, but all the details are here.

  • To include deactivated contacts in the list, select the option Show inactive.

  • Choose the Contact type.

  • Enter all or part of a contact's details in the Search field. As you type, matching contacts are shown.

  • Click a column heading to sort by that column.

Contact types

When you add a customer or supplier into MYOB, you need to specify what type of contact they are. The available contact types are:

  • Customer—Someone who buys products or services from you

  • Supplier—Someone who sells products or services to you

  • Personal—Any other contacts you want to record, but who do not buy or sell from you.

Once you've saved a contact you can't change the type.

What about employees?

Instead of being contacts, employees are set up and maintained in the payroll area. This allows you to include them in pay runs and track more information about their leave, pay and other details. For all the details, see Set up employees.

Mandatory fields

There is some information that must be recorded for your contacts. These fields are marked with an asterisk (*) and you won't be able to save the contact if one of these fields is blank.

Business and individual contacts

You can use MYOB to keep track of both businesses and individual contacts. Instead of creating a contact for an entire business, you might choose to create one for an individual person. For contacts that are businesses, the Company name field is mandatory. For contacts that are individuals, the First name and Last name fields are mandatory. In both cases you can choose whether to fill in the other fields, depending on what information you want to store.

Reportable contacts

Australia only

A growing list of Australian businesses need to report the payments they make to contractors. To see if your business needs to report, check the ATO website.

If you need to report a supplier's payments, you can identify this in the supplier's record by selecting the option Report payments to ATO via TPAR. If a supplier is marked as reportable, you'll need to enter their ABN.

All bills and spend money transactions using a reportable supplier will be automatically marked as reportable, and included in the Taxable payments annual report, which you can use when sending your information to the ATO.

If you need to enter a non-reportable transaction involving this supplier, you can deselect the Report to ATO via TPAR option on the transaction page. Learn more about Reportable contractor payments.